Lady Vintage Shoulder Bag

Vintage is still hot and so is this Lady Vintage Shoulder Bag from Heshe.
Great leather and it even smell like it have to smell….yes like leather. Also the Color is beautiful and what you can expect.

Its well made and it has a classic style, yes its vintage.

What? You don’t know HESHE ??
Take a look here


Helpt een nachtbril

Whatever you do on your travel to Europe. If it’s dark then use a nachtbril. What? I said nachtbril……..??? Yeah, I know nobody deserves to speak out that word.

Nachtbril is Dutch  for nightview glasses. Can you believe it?
But now the truth about helpt een nachtbril which means if nightview glasse helps you out in driving in the dark.

nachtbril helpt nightview glasses

Yes it helps a lot. If you are in the Netherlands order the nightview glasses here at the webshop

Its for your own safety……